Sheep and Goat Milking Parlors

Little Mountain Steel Fabrication crafts top-of-the-line milking parlor systems including headgates, platforms, stalls, endgates, and ramps for any sized operation. Our systems save hobby farmers and commercial dairies time and labor while increasing milk production.

These systems are designed to accommodate more than just milking and can be used for feeding, holding, and general handling of sheep and goats.

Goat Pens

Our custom galvanized steel goat pens are crafted for growing herds to have ample space. A goat pen built for your specific needs avoids common overcrowding issues and makes daily management tasks a breeze. 

We offer varying sizes and can use any latch system you prefer: spring-loaded, pin & chain, bolt, and more. Learn more about our custom goat pens and see how we’ve perfected our pens over the past two decades.