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The Best Sheep and Goat Milking Parlor For Your Herd

Little Mountain Steel Fabrication is your sheep and goat milking parlor and stall specialist.

Our innovative goat milking solutions are tailored to meet the unique needs of goat and sheep dairy farmers, ensuring optimal milk production, superior animal welfare, and a more productive and efficient milking experience.

Our range of goat milking parlors and stall systems are designed with both the farmer and the animals in mind. From small family farms to large commercial dairies, our products are scalable and customizable to fit any size of operation. We take pride in our craftsmanship and the quality of materials used, ensuring durability, ease of maintenance, and great hygiene.

Whether you’re looking for a single stall or a double-twelve high-capacity milking setup, we’ve got a milking parlor solution for you.

Every installation is backed by our one-year comprehensive workmanship guarantee.

Custom-Made Goat Milking Equipment For The Demands of Your Farm

We build headgates, platforms, stalls, endgates, and ramps for goat-milking parlors and setups of all sizes and styles.

Our headgates are designed so the does/ewes are prevented from entering a wrong gate by a solid blockade. Because of its excellent design, our yoking systems can save hours of labor and make it possible for one person to handle a milking herd easily.

We build equipment to your requirements: with some simple measurements and a good understanding of your herd, we can design and build the perfect milking parlor for your farm!

How To Order

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Call to connect and talk about your needs, your herd, and your goals.

Quote & Order

Our experienced team will help you decide on the right size of parlor equipment, plus accessories that make sense for you. Then we provide a quote for the total project


With 50% down, your goat milking parlor is built-to-order and ready to ship in about 4-6 weeks!

Why Buy Goat Milking Equipment From Little Mountain?

By Farmers, for Farmers

We built our first headgate in 1987 for our own use. It has withstood years of rugged use. (We milk 80-90 sheep at a time for six months of the year.) The only maintenance it has required is an annual oiling of the bearings!

Customization and Flexibility

No two farms are alike, which is why we offer customizable solutions that can be adapted to any size of operation. Our goal is to provide a perfect fit for your needs, ensuring efficiency and comfort.

Innovation and Sustainability

We believe in the power of innovation to transform dairy farming. Our designs incorporate sustainable practices that benefit not just the farmers, but also the animals and the environment.

Quality and Durability

Our commitment to quality means using only the best materials and craftsmanship in the construction of our goat or sheep milking parlors and stalls. We build for longevity, ease of maintenance, and optimal animal and barn sanitation.

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How Our Yoking and Milking Systems Work

Imagine that the headgate is a ladder lying on the ground. Behind each square of the ladder is a bucket of grain (or a trough of grain). When the does/ewes come into the milking parlor, they try to put their head down into the “ladder” so they can eat the grain in the bucket or trough on the other side. Goats and sheep will inevitably try to eat grain at the first head unit they come to.

This system is designed so the first doe/ewe has to walk to the end of the stanchion, or “ladder”, to get the grain.
When the doe/ewe puts her head down, she automatically opens the second-to-last head unit; she also locks herself into the yoking system.

This enables the next doe/ewe in line to put her head in the second-to-last unit, which opens the third-to-last head unit, and so on.

After milking is completed, one simple lever releases all the animals at once. By putting the lever back down, the yoking system is reset and ready to receive the next group of animals.

Both sheep and goats learn how to use the headgates within one to two weeks.

Specifications and Sizing

  • Our standard yoking system holds six dairy sheep or goats. The animals are milked from the rear. The length of the six-unit headgate is 96″.
  • We make headgates to hold from 2 to 6 ewes/does at a time. We recommend that if you need to hold more than 6 animals at a time that you purchase two whole yoking systems. Two headgates can be connected together to work as one.
  • We make headgates with adjustable legs
  • We can attach metal hoops behind each head unit to hold feed buckets. There is no extra charge for metal hoops.
  • Systems can be made with either right or left orientation. When ordering headgates, please specify whether your animals will be entering from the right or left side of your milking parlor.


Headgates (per unit): $285.00

Two-Unit Headgate: $570.00

Six-Unit Headgate: $1,710.00

Endgate: $369.00

Automatic Feeders: New Style! Call for pricing

Platform (to fit Six-Unit Headgate): $1,150.00

Trough (to fit Six-Unit Headgate): $400.00

Shipping and Delivery

We ship your sheep and goat milking equipment to your home, where it can be assembled and installed easily on-site.

Equipment is delivered to your receiving street address (pricing based on zip code) using LTL common motor freight. You will need either a loading dock at the receiving address or make sure you specify that your delivery will require a liftgate.


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Our parlors are shipped disassembled to your location and then reassembled by you and your team easily on-site.

If you need help, just call!

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